Frequently asked questions

How can I buy a ticket online?

The most convenient way to buy a ticket is directly through our internet site. Thus you make sure you always get the best prices. You will receive a confirmation from the purchased your ticket by e-mail (please also check your spam folder). Video for your convenience can be found: here

I made a order but have not received confirmation / ticket?

Each customer may purchase a ticket through an automated online system of Arda -Tour. After selecting the day, direction and seat on the bus sketch , the seats remain reserved for 30 minutes. During those 30 minutes our system waits for payment and payment confirmation of the ticket from the bank system BORIKA.

Upon successful payment of the ticket, the customer gets receives the online ticket at the specified when buying the ticket e-mail address. Then it is desirable to print the online tickets for the trip. If you do not receive an email, you can print your ticket from the site of Arda -Tour from the "Orders" menu if you have registered.

When the payment is unsuccessful, after the expiration of 30 minutes, during which the system has kept the seats, then they are again available for purchase from each customer and your order is cleared. In this case it is necessary to place a new order.

How can I pay my online ticket?

Purchase of online ticket is only possible with a debit card or credit card.

Problems with my online booking - What should I do?

If you have problems with your online reservation, it is most likely is due to your internet browser. Please take the following actions:
  • Use another browser.
  • Empty cache and delete cookies and try again after restarting the browser.
  • Update your browser.

You have not received a confirmation or an e-mail? - Please check your spam folder.

If you still have problems, please contact our support here

Should I bring a printed e-ticket when boarding in the bus?

To travel with an electronic ticket is required to print your ticket and show it to the crew when boarding. You will receive your electronic ticket via email after paying him, as well as for registered users at - your reservations can be manage from Menu Orders after logging into the site.

For traveling to another country, please make sure that you carry all valid documents, visas and identity cards needed for border crossing.

Is it necessary after the purchase to validate my online ticket in one of the offices of Arda Tour or to make a phone call?

No need to validate your ticket. After its purchase we are aware and are waiting for you to board the bus. With other than hand luggage you need to necessarily visit one of our offices to check it in.

I have open online return ticket . How to validate the second direction?

You can close your open return ticket here. To do this you must enter the ticket number. After entering the number the system will ask for the date you want to use the ticket. After selecting the date you will see all available courses for selected date. When you select the desired course, there will be visualized sketch of the bus from which you can choose your seat and where you wish to travel. In case in your ticket there are more than one person travelling, you will have to choose a seat for each passenger in your ticket. The last step is to confirm and thereby close the ticket.

If your ticket is online ticket , then in your orders you will have the option to print the new ticket with the already selected dates for the return.

If you are experiencing difficulties, you can contact us by email in any office of Arda Tour.

How can I get a bonus card?

Participation in the bonus program "PLUS BONUS" of Arda - Tour is free. To do so, request issuance of a customer card at any of our offices or fill out the form on our website and receive e-bonus card.

How many bonus points do I have now in my Bonus Card?

he client has an obligation to monitor the accumulation of his bonus points himself . The points can be monitored on each fiscal receipt or on the website of Arda - Tour in the Bonus Points menu, after registration of a customer card and upon request at the offices of Arda Tour.

Can I buy a two-way ticket with the accumulated bonus points in my bonus card?

Bonus points can only be used to purchase one-way tickets.

How to connect an existing Bonus Card with my registration online?

To connect your Bonus Card, you must have a registration on the site After login in in the menu BONUS POINTS you can enter the number of existing card or select the option to be issued an e-bonus card.

If you enter the number of an existing card associated with your account, the connection will not happen automatically, you will receive an e-mail when the connection between your account and the existing card was made.

I bought a ticket, but the bonus points for it are not registered in my BONUS card?

We can add these points manually. For this purpose it is necessary to contact us here and in the contact form you must give information about the number of your bonus card number and destination of the ticket and where it was purchased. Information about your bonus card can be obtained from all the offices of Arda Tour.

Do I use a discount when buying a ticket if I have a Bonus Card?

Bonus Program of Arda - Tour "Bonus Plus" allows to accumulate points when purchasing a ticket for travel.

For every journey the customer accumulates a certain number of points under the terms of the program.

When you have a certain number of points you can use them to purchase a bonus ticket.

How can I pay?

Payment options depend on the way you have chosen to buy a ticket:
  • Online purchase: Debit Card, Credit Card. You should be aware that payment is made in BGN- Bulgarian lev and if your debit or credit card is in another currency, your bank will automatically convert the payment.
  • From the bus driver: Cash. It is still not possible to pay by card on board our buses. Please note: On board our buses you will only get our regular fare. Discounts and promotional prices are only available online or in our offices.
  • In our offices: All payment methods offered by the relevant office, but in all cases you can pay in cash.

Can I pay a ticket for a friend or relative in one of the offices of Arda Tour, and he can get it in another?

Yes, it is possible in all the offices of Arda Tour.

How many pieces of baggage free of charge can I take with me in the bus?

You can take your 1 pc. hand luggage and two normal luggage free of charge when traveling. The parameters of the three units of luggage must not exceed : 1 pc. hand luggage weighing up to 15 kg. and two normal luggage in baggage compartment up to 35 kg each. The dimensions of hand baggage, which can be found in the cabin of the bus at not more than – 60/40/20 cm. All valuables should be carried in the hand luggage. Please make sure you have luggage sticker with your name and address in order to avoid any confusion.

Additional luggage: Additional baggage or cargo is accepted for transport only in the presence of free space in the luggage compartment of the bus and for separate charge. More - detailed information about the carriage of baggage and cargo and tariffs is available at the ticket offices of Arda -Tour. This additional luggage should also be checked by our staff before the departure of the bus.

Special baggage: Baggage and items that exceed the size of a normal position luggage are charged separately. One passenger can take only one piece special luggage extra charged. Special items of luggage are for example ski and musical instruments (we recommend transportation with hardtop). Some items are excluded from transportation.

You can find more information about the rules for luggage in our Terms and Conditions as well as in our ticket centers.

Can I take my bike with me?

It is possible only with foldable bikes.

Do I need to check my luggage before the departure of the bus?

If you are traveling with only hand baggage it is not necessary. With more than one piece of hand baggage or hold baggage however you must necessarily check in and get a luggage sticker for your luggage at least 30 minutes before the departure of the bus at one of the ticket centers of Arda Tour.

Can I take a musical instrument with me?

Musical instruments within our dimensions for hand baggage you can take with you in the cabin, free, instead of a regular piece of hand luggage.

Musical instruments larger than our size for hand luggage are special baggage and must be transported in appropriate packaging in the luggage compartment.

Musical instruments and their covers which are larger than 135 x 48 x 35 cm can not be transported / example - contrabass /.

Am I allowed to take my pet with me?

For safety reasons, we allow pets to travel with our buses only in the luggage compartment of the bus, be sure to put the pet in a cell and in the presence of all passports and animal health documents for crossing the national border.

Dogs and cats up to 7 kg are charged 20 BGN and dogs and pets over 7 kg - 40 BGN / pc.

Guide dogs are an exception if they are accompanied with a certificate of a person with severe disabilities. Transportation is free, but you need to be registered in our centers for customer service at least 36 hours before departure of your bus.

What should I have in mind for an international travel?

If you are travelling to another country, please make sure that you carry all valid documents, visas and identity cards, needed for border crossing.

Please do not lock your luggage, it can be easily checked at customs controls and make sure that on each piece of luggage there is sticker with the name and number of your ticket, to avoid any confusion.

Please also take into consideration with the provisions of the necessary documents for your travel, visa regimes, currency, customs and health regulations.

Travel as a person with a disability - What should be considered?

We offer for the disabled persons (with at least 50% disability) discounts, when there is a proof of disability or a medical certificate.

In addition, guide dogs are transported free of charge while traveling in Bulgaria, but please pre-register it in any of our ticket selling points. Passengers with disabilities and their companions are given priority in the selection of seats and boarding.

You can take your folding wheelchair with you for free, but please pre-register it at least 36 hours before departure of your bus.

How do I find the bus stop?

You can find a list of our starting points here. If you click on the city you will see a map and address of the station. In your online ticket you will also find this information.

I'm late. Will the bus wait for me ?

Our buses are regular services and are bound by schedules. Therefore it is not possible to wait for passengers who are late. We suggest that you plan enough time for your journey to the first bus stop and to reach the bus station at least 30 minutes before the departure of the bus. 

Can I get on the bus later or leave earlier?

Entering or exiting the bus at the bus stops other than your booking is not possible, even if there are more stops in one city.

Are there breaks (for smokers)?

For all our routes we plan breaks under the laws on driving time. Overall, however, we would like to take you to your destination as quickly as possible and to refrain from further delays and breaks. Our toilets on international journeys as well as our snacks and drinks on board enable comfortable travel even on long journeys.

Smoking is forbidden in our buses, and even for electronic cigarettes. However, you can leave the bus for a small cigarette break during our regulated breaks. Please ask your bus driver before leaving the bus and do not go too far from the bus to avoid leaving you at the place of the break! You can ask your bus driver for the duration of the break.

I have bought an open return ticket. Until when can I use my second direction?

Open tickets are valid for one year after date of purchase of the ticket.

Who sells tickets for Arda - Tour?

You can find a list of our partners here. If you click on your desired city you will find a list of our sales representative under the section "Partners". If you want to buy a ticket directly from our head office in your city - an overview of the addresses and opening hours can be found here

Can I manage/cancel my travel by myself?

Changing the name of a passenger is possible for a fee of 10% of the ticket price only in the offices of Arda Tour.

Refusal from travel - ways and deadlines - see section 5 and 6 of our general conditions here

Changing the date of travel - you are entitled to one free revalidation when purchasing a regular ticket / does not apply to promotional tickets /. To make revalidation of the ticket you have to contact one of our offices at least 24 hours in advance.

Travelling with children or children traveling alone - What should be considered?

Children aged between 0 and 3 years of age can travel in the bus only in seat adapted for this purpose / child car seat /. During the journey child seat must be secured with a seat belt installed in the bus. It must be possible to implement child car seats with two-point seat belts; child car seats must be provided by the person accompanying the infant.

Children and minors who are not yet 10 years old are carried by all scheduled domestic and international routes only if they are accompanied on the journey by a person who is at least 18 years. Please for your safety and comfort wear except passport of the child and the birth certificate / for Bulgarian citizens /.

Children and minors between the ages of 10 and 18 between can travel alone in our buses without accompanying adult only if there is a notarized consent to travel from their parents or guardian in writing that the minor is capable and able to make the journey , its responsibility and unattended. We and our partners expressly do not bound by the obligation to supervise the minor. Children, traveling alone can not travel at night lines and across national borders. In addition, all children, traveling alone can not be part of the trip, that includes connections and changing of the bus.

All persons who are adults can travel alone. For international lines you need to make sure, before the trip, that you carry on the journey with you all the necessary valid documents, visas and identity cards required for border crossings on international lines. 

Is there a "group rate"?

Group discounts are available for groups of at least 5 people and are available only at the ticket offices of Arda Tour. 

Can I reserve a seat?

You can book your destination when buying a ticket or before that it is possible only in the offices of Arda Tour / valid until 24 hours before leaving the bus in a weak period and 72 hours in a busy period /.

Is there free internet in the bus and where?

We provide to our customers traveling to international destinations our free internet access in the countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Germany.

In buses serving domestic routes in Bulgaria there is no free internet access.

Is there a toilet on the bus?

Depending on the type of the bus and the availability of a toilet it is possible to use the toilet in our international destinations.

The bus is late! Why?

The majority of the operated by us bus lines are international and despite our desire to arrive as quickly as possible to the desired destination - in most cases the delay of the bus is due to unexpected and beyond our control circumstances as staying at the crossing borders, congestion, accidents and more.

Current information on how is the expected from you bus moving and does the bus have any delay can be obtained from here

How long before the departure of the bus do I have to be at the sector in the bus station?

If you travel on international journeys you must be at least 30 minutes before the departure of the bus at your sector. For our internal lines 15 minutes are enough.

From which sector at the bus station is my bus departuring?

After selecting your city from here you will see information about the specified address and bus sector at the bus station.

Detailed information is available online and in your online ticket.